Using Pension & Cash Balance Qualified Retirement Plan Designs for Maximum Tax Deductibility ~ Earn 3 CPA CE credits ~ When Wednesday, December 3 8:00 am - 11:00 am Breakfast Seminar Where Spring Lake Golf Club 901 Warren Ave. Spring Lake, NJ 07762     You and a CPA guest are invited to attend our 3 CPA CE credit seminar on new and … [Read more...]

Navigating bumps in the road on the way to retirement income planning

retirement income planning

In a recent post we talked about the shift in plans to keep working during retirement. This, like anything else in retirement planning, has to be an individual decision. It also has to be viewed as part of the larger picture that includes your health, your current financial situation, and your spending patterns. What’s your living situation like now? Most people will go into … [Read more...]

Looking for alternative retirement income sources?

retirement income

A second career might be the ticket. Baby boomers have always done things their own way and their approach to retirement is no different. We hear how poorly boomers have typically prepared for retirement. Couple that lack of preparation with the 2008 financial crisis and the thought of retirement for many boomers may have ‘been retired’---completely! In fact, recent study … [Read more...]

Have you heard of social media pre-nups?

social media prenups

It’s become pretty common for people planning to get married to also decide to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement. This is most likely if substantial wealth has been either accumulated or inherited by one person or the other. But more and more couples are also making agreements about what is and is not acceptable to post about each other on Facebook, Twitter, and other social … [Read more...]

An Asset-Liability approach to retirement should include Social Security

social security

We talked in recent posts about the importance of considering your spending rate along with evaluating your assets and their potential to provide retirement income. Part of that consideration has to also include Social Security benefits. Social Security makes up a significant portion of many retirees’ income but there’s no guarantee it will be there in the future for … [Read more...]

Income Planning for the Sandwich Generation

income planning

…it affects almost everyone, one way or another We talk a good bit about retirement income planning in this blog but there’s something else that I talk about almost every day with my clients. That’s the Sandwich Generation. It’s the generation caught between taking care of aging parents and getting their kids through college. And with the economy over the last several … [Read more...]

The value of online interactions with clients

interactions with clients

It wasn't that long ago that I wondered—along with a lot of other advisors—about the value of online interactions with clients. Social media was the latest greatest new thing. It looked like fun but it hadn’t yet been shown to be the valuable tool it is today. Fast forward to today and I find myself being ranked in BrightScope’s Top 100 Most Social Advisors for 2013! And I’m … [Read more...]

An asset-liability approach to retirement income planning – Part 3

retirement income planning

In this series of posts, we’ve taken a look at how retirement income planning should be approached differently today. We’ve also seen how a complete review of all forms of your assets is a good first step. We said in the first part of this series that individuals need to approach retirement income planning much like a pension plan, in the context of an asset-liability model. … [Read more...]