social security theres more you need to know

[Event] Social Security; There is More You Need to Know

What you don’t know could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Attend our Social Security planning seminar Filling for Social Security is one of the most important and complex decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. There are many factors you must take into consideration. And generally, there’s only one chance to get it […]

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social security retirement income

Want to file-and-suspend your Social Security retirement income? Let’s talk.

File-and-suspend; it’s a pretty straightforward option that a lot of Baby Boomers who want to maximize their Social Security benefits may be thinking about choosing. And like any other government benefit, there are rules that have to be followed for you to take the best advantage of the benefits. First, file-and-suspend is different than just […]

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new jersey financial adviser

Kilts, Darth Vader, and the Jersey Shore…together, they could break records!

Have you ever set a world record? I never thought I would! And it’s not official yet, but I recently took part in what I hope will not only be a record-setting event, but one that will have given hope to many who are still dealing with the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy. This was an […]

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investing in art

Could investing in art be used as a wealth transitioning tool?

I get questions all the time about different types of investments and whether they would be a good choice for my clients. Since interest rates have been so low for such a long time, people are looking for other ways to get good returns on their money. This is exactly the time when asset classes […]

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financial adviser in NJ

What was old is now new again…let’s get to know each other better

The nature and purpose of a website has changed radically over the past few years. And so has the world of investing, financial planning, and wealth management! That’s not all that’s changed. Your needs have also changed. Your life is different today than it was just a few years ago. It’s likely your business is […]

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therapy dogs

This just in from Charley & Lexie…therapy dog training organizations need help!

Charley and Lexie realized it’s been a while since I wrote about them so I couldn’t help myself when they sat me down the other day and gave me a ‘heads up.’ They told me CBS news had been talking about new uses for therapy dogs and I should be, too……so noted. It just so […]

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financial life

Make your financial life remarkably and uniquely yours

I read an article recently that encapsulated everything I’ve been doing in my practice. More importantly, it encapsulated everything I’m trying to do for my clients! This article talked about how the world has changed. Boy has it ever! Not only that, but even before we begin to feel comfortable with one set of changes, […]

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