Therapy Dogs Played Vital Roles in the Aftermaths of the Boston and Oklahoma Tragedies

certified financial planningIt’s no secret that one of the most fulfilling things in my life is the pet therapy work I do with Charley and Lexie, my two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. I’ve talked about this work in previous posts. It helps us feel like we’re giving back to the community and that we’re helping people live a better life.

So when Charley, Lexie, and I heard about the role therapy dogs played after the Boston Marathon bombings and the tornado disaster in Oklahoma, we just looked at each other, smiled, and thought ‘of course!’

After the Boston bombings, therapy dogs were brought in from the Good Dog Foundation of New York City. They brought comfort and lowered the stress of those most directly affected by grief and pain after the bombings.

And who knew that Oklahoma has some of the most active chapters of Therapy Dogs, International? The Lost Angeles Times said that organization firmly believes that therapy dogs may be “man’s best hope during times of heartbreak and grief.”

Not only that, but to people suffering from serious illnesses like cancer, therapy dogs are medicine. They distract them from the horrible treatments they are going through and impart an energy that those patients may feel they have lost. The CBS News report also said a three-year study is being conducted to show how therapy dogs lower the stress levels of cancer patients.

Both of these reports also said the dogs involved seemed proud of what they were doing. And they love the attention they get from so many people. Charley and Lexie couldn’t agree more. I see the pride they display in their work with the elderly, hospital patients, and the children at Spring Lake Heights Elementary School.

They have so much fun in the process, it hardly seems like work!

Unfortunately, crises happen in life whether they are caused by catastrophe, an act of nature, or serious illness. That’s also a time when people need someone to depend on who can help them manage the financial issues any crisis involves. The best way to do that is to be as prepared as possible.

We can’t forecast any crisis you or anyone else may experience. But we will be there for you while you’re going through it. And Charley and Lexie will help out whenever they can.

If you’d like to have a partner who will be there with you when times are good and who will be there with you when times get tough, call us. You can reach us via phone at 732-974-3770, or you can email me personally at


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