Actions vs. good intentions…a Personal Journey

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Take time to be healthy AND do your estate planning.

Things like estate planning or taking care of our health are not exactly things we look forward to doing. To be brutally honest, these are investments in time and energy that make us deal with the fact that one day, we will no longer be here.

So we wait until a ‘more convenient time.’ But by that time, it can often be too late and our families may be left with good intentions and little real benefit.

After years of trying to get clients to follow through with their good intentions—a responsibility I felt keenly as a financial advisor—I began to realize the best place to start was with me.

In 1986 when I started my advisory career, my life changed in a few ways that were not great. I started eating fast food, working long hours, and rarely exercising. I gained weight, developed high cholesterol, hypertension, and adult onset Type 2 diabetes. Granted, none of this happened overnight. But again, if we’re honest with ourselves, not much in life really does.

I loved my career—still do! But what I had allowed my life to become was unacceptable. I started looking for solutions. My cardiologist helped me see that all of these issues were direct results of my then-current lifestyle. So I decided it was time to shape up. That didn’t happen overnight, either! It meant I had to adopt an entirely different lifestyle and that kind of change is never easy.

But the decision was made. And I had to follow through. It was all up to me, essentially, but I had great support from my doctors and my family. I eventually lost 80 pounds and in no time at all, I was able to get off all of my medications. That’s right. All of them. I’ve gone from a 53-inch waist to a 39-inch waist. I feel better than ever! And I’m enjoying my life a lot more and my business is thriving.

Just knowing we need to do something is not enough. This is why people die without an estate plan or with one that’s so out of date, it defeats the purpose. It’s why lives are cut short or become limited because of disability.

If you have been putting off doing something important for your family’s well-being or your own, we can offer you a hand in becoming a proactive participant in your future. It’s good to be intentional. It’s even better to put intentions into action. Call us.

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Source: Tom Froehlich, personal interview

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